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renewed (in)ergy:

Energy from within that is not depleted when used, but is strengthened to increase natural powers for personal growth. 

Who we are:

Our mission is to help you positively change your narrative by 'inscaping' towards your inner strength, interacting with like-minded individuals, and inspiring a community of wellness.

Our services are provided in a historic, home-like office space in South Tampa, Florida. Learn more about our staff below.

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What are our tools:

Psychotherapy & mindfulness practices have been empirically proven to:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce depressive symptoms

Improve relationships

Foster healing from trauma and loss

Ignite spiritual growth

Enhance cognition

Boost productivity

What are our services:

This space is designed to fit the needs of those looking for an inward journey to wellness. Renewed (IN)ERGY incorporates mind-body modalities to suit the needs of each individual. Whether it's emotional, physical, or spiritual, this space invites healing in all forms. 

We work with individuals and couples who are seeking to renew their personal and interpersonal relationships. If this is the type of space you desire, we would be honored to take this journey with you.

Aisha Warner, LMHC, NCC


Lead Clinican/CEO



Therapy for Black Girls

Therapeutic Specialties 

Stress and Anxiety Management

Reduction of Depressive Symptoms

College-Related Stressors

Racial Identity Issues

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

Grief and Loss Issues

Improvement of relationships (friend, familial or romantic)

Emotion Regulation

Distress Tolerance

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process to reach greater health and happiness. Through this journey, you’ll learn effective ways to cope with challenges that arise in your life. Our focus is on improving how you understand and navigate life’s stressors and emotional experiences. We work with you in an authentic and compassionate way, utilizing an integrated approach to meet your individual needs – helping you create a more balanced life.


Relationship Therapy

Keywords in a relationship are flexibility and fluidity.  Relationship therapy can help modern couples and families successfully work through life transitions such as marriage, divorce, death, or other changes that might arise. Through psychotherapy, couples can learn how to communicate more effectively and deepen connections with one another.

We integrate Mindfulness-Based Strategies such as meditation and yoga into the relationship therapy process in order to strengthen bonds, enhance insight within the relational dynamics and to create a safe space for communication.

Meditation Experience 

In life we are constantly confronted with stressful, unpleasant situations which often result in us reacting in ways that aren't always healthy. Being mindful allows us to become aware of the space between the stressor and reaction- a space unveils the power of choice within a situation. Physically our bodies respond, and we should learn to listen. By observing the present moment we can can skillfully learn to tolerate our embodied emotional experiences.

Sessions begin with setting an intention. Our signature flow includes gentle movement, breathing exercises and a simple guided meditation technique. Each session is based on your intention, schedule, preferred technique, or even your mood. Each experience is appropriate for meditators of all levels.

renewed (in)ergy: 


Energy from within that is not depleted when used, but is strengthened to increase natural powers for personal growth. 



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